Asheville Framing completes many phases of the building process for General Contractors, Home Builders, and Individuals all across Asheville - Western North Carolina.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday, December 12, 2008

Soffit work by Asheville Framing @ The Kitawuh Academy

Asheville Framing is working on the Soffit at the Kitawuh Academy in Cherokee NC. We are remodeling an old motel into a new Academy for the Cherokee Indian Cultural Arts. In this paticular section a demolition crew tore out the existing soffit by mistake and AFB stepped in and installed a new soffit.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Asheville Framing Safety Meeting

There is never a time not to be safe with our crew. We pay attention to risks and regularly discuss even things we may think we are "used to". A happy successful job is a safe job. Simple discussions like this may not save everyone, but it reminds us that a mistake can happen to anyone, and even more when safety is not a concern.

Asheville Framing & Perry Bartsch strategize

Ben from Asheville Framing and Building and Brian from Perry Bartsch Jr. Construction talk about the project, some issues, some concerns, some good news, some bad... the everyday life of construction in Western North Carolina.

Ben and Todd discuss the roof trusses

On this particular job, Asheville Framing is matching about 10 feet of new trusses (5 trusses) to an existing roof that has become far from perfect over the years. We always welcome a second opinion when it comes to making sure it is right, or in trying to find the best way to effectively do something on any of our projects.