Asheville Framing completes many phases of the building process for General Contractors, Home Builders, and Individuals all across Asheville - Western North Carolina.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Asheville Framing & Building has the tools we need!

Here you can see one of Asheville Framing & Buildings men attaching an extension to the screw gun to screw the floor sheathing down. We make sure our men have the tools to complete the job. We understand that many phases of a project cannot be completed with out proper tools and safety equipement. We ensure that all of our men are properly trained with the tools that they are using.

Reading Blue Prints is how the Job gets done Right!

If you are in the building industry you know that reading blue prints PROPERLY means all the difference in the world to getting the job done right- the first time around. Our men at Asheville Framing & Building know how to read and understand blue prints. We do not except mistakes and the only way to avoid most of them is to be able to comprehend which wall goes where, what size measurement to cut this particular 2X, etc. We consistently refer back to the plans to confirm our progress is correct. We understand the importance of prints and using them daily. If one measurement is off... the framing inspection could fail which means trouble across the board. We make sure our work is correct!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

AFB Makes Exact Cuts... We Don't Guess!

Asheville Framing & Building knows the importance of measurements & straight cuts. Here you can see two of our men working hard, making sure every piece of wood cut is precisely the size it needs to be. If you do it right the first time around there is little waist of materials and time!

Lull on Timberpeg Project in Arden, NC

Today the timbers from the TimberPeg home in Arden, North Carolina were lifted on to the house's floor with this Lull. Landmark Builders of WNC is building this home in Arden, NC.

Asheville Framing Ben speaks on the economy

Asheville Framing Progress 11/20/08 Landmark Builders

Asheville Framing has set the floor trusses on the TimberPeg home in Arden, North Carolina. Here they are laying the sheathing for the floor. The Timbers were delivered yesterday, November 19, 2008. Our men will be setting the timbers with the help of the TimberPeg consultant.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

AFB Assisted D. Michael Ward in the Framing on the Crest Condominiums

In West Asheville, D. Michael Ward Construction used Asheville Framing & Building in framing the center section of this very large structure called the Crest Condominiums. Greg and Jason of D. Michael Wards’ other crews completed some of the other many areas of the building while AFB worked on drying in the center area.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Asheville Framing Progress 11/14/08 Landmark Builders of WNC

Asheville Framing & Building has just started the basement framing & floor system on a TimberPeg home in the Luther Ridge Lutheran Community in Arden, NC for Landmark Builders of WNC. The timbers are scheduled to be set on November 19, 2008.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cedar Shake Finish on Chimney in Oteen, NC

This beautiful vacation style home was built in Oteen, NC near the VA Hospital. Asheville Framing & Building finished off the house with Cedar Shake on the front and the chimney. This home was built for a local realtor in the Asheville area, Julia Stephens.

Floor Trusses in Cape Cod in Fairview, NC

Here is the first level floor trusses & interior basement framing of the Cape Cod home in Fairview that we worked with E.H. Liles on.

Roof Work on Cape Cod Home in Fairview

Here Asheville Framing & Building worked with E.H. Liles on this Cape Cod home in Fairview, North Carolina. Asheville Framing installed the roof shingles, after completing the framing for the home. They also installed the windows, doors, and siding on this home. This project finished up in February 2008.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

South Cliff Pavilion in Fairview, NC

Asheville Framing & Building did the framing of the Pavilion in Southcliff in Fairview, NC for Briarwood Construction of Asheville. Our guys enjoyed working outdoors on this project during the Summer of 2006. The Pavilion is used for some of the events at Southcliff and also attracts many visitors in the subdivision. Shane Hipps Masonry did all of the masonry and rock work on this Pavilion while Asheville Framing built the structure.

Addition in Fairview North Carolina

Jeremy, Chris & Reon from Asheville Framing & Building finish up the floor sheathing to complete the floor system on an addition in Fairview Forest in Fairview North Carolina just south east of Asheville.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Truss Setting in Weaverville North Carolina

In Weaverville, North Carolina Asheville Framing & Building sets trusses on a residential home in June 2008 for Asheville Custom Home Builders. The crane was rented from Rogers & Sons from Asheville, NC.
If you are looking for a residential home builder in the Asheville & surrounding areas Asheville Custom Home Builders can be contacted at

Unity Healing Center Cherokee, North Carolina

Here is the Unity Healing Center which is connected to the Police Station in Cherokee, North Carolina. Asheville Framing & Building worked with Perry Bartsch Jr. Construction on this project. This was a commercial remodel project so once the demolition was complete Asheville Framing stepped in and re-framed the interior, added a timber gable entrance and new roof trusses. With some masons adding on to the rock work on the front and cleaning the existing rock work the project finished up in August 2008.

If you are looking for a great commercial general contractor in the Asheville, NC or surrounding areas you can contact Perry Bartsch Jr. Construction at

Asheville Framing Progress 11/8/08

Asheville Framing is working on a remodeling project in Cherokee North Carolina. Many other items are coming up on our work orders and new work needed becomes visible. That is one of the things about a remodel project. You never know what you will find once you "get in there".

We are also starting a Timber home in Arden North Carolina. The homeowners are flying in from out of town in 2 weeks to see the main timbers installed.